Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Hate White America: AMERIKKKA

I Hate White America: AMERIKKKA: Its crazy I published this book over 3 years ago and the title still says something ppl are afraid to say and constantly ignore. I wrote &qu...


Its crazy I published this book over 3 years ago and the title still says something ppl are afraid to say and constantly ignore. I wrote "I Hate White America out of love for a society that houses every type of person you could possibly meet; yet we believe life is about materialism and fighting a race war of white vs black for a government who built the national anthem, the constitution, the laws, the southern way of life, the social interactions of humans in north america, the stock market, and the capitalist industries nationally and globally off the enslavement of the minds of black people and the physical enslavement of their time and labor. 
People still aren't able to get past the title; upon reading the grammatical errors; and then questioning everything you were taught upon the theory of God, Slavery, 21st century society, entertainment, media, the history of this country, the poverty in a country who is eating itself to death, the rape culture that the white man created, the mental and physical abuse behind every corner in America, and the greed of the white man complimented by white privilege, and mass incarceration of the black boys and black men in this liberated country, and the power of the miseducated black child.
I then ask the Black people of this country to question the role they play in such a crooked and corrupted society. I asked what are you teaching your child, how can you, we, change everything that is happening in America and are you ready to hate and exterminate prejudice, racism, abuse, rape, drug addiction, poor education, and the white man manipulating you into giving him credit for a country that was already inhabited and a country that has continued to be built by the hands and minds and bodys and spirits of the black man and the black women and the black child and the black labor and the black dollar and the black idea and the black athleticism and the black talents of song and dance and the black innovations of each and every industry especially in Mainstream Media. 
Of course I wanted to make money off of my work, but I wrote this book hoping to challenge the reader to question the domestication of American society. And find themselves wanting to be positive; that positivity allowing them to see past color; that positivity allowing the truth of right and and wrong to submerge and positive energies then follow with actions.
I learned through the promotional process that no matter how old a book use the word "NEW". Ok!? But racism is nothing "NEW". America's prejudice against everybody other than white Christians is nothing "NEW. America eating itself to death and starving at the same time is nothing 'NEW". Poverty is nothing "NEW'. Black men and black boys getting killed by white men (police or not) is nothing "NEW". White men who kill black boy and black men "getting off" in Amerikkka's court room is nothing "NEW". Black men fighting the white man's war while the white man rages war against the black man is nothing "New". 
America has become a dark place full of illusions. And all I did with my book and my title " I HATE WHITE AMERICA" is see through some of the bullshit and pass the message along.
Don't shoot the messenger.
(Side Note**** I should have entitled it "AMERIKKKA"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

         Modern day America has how been forced to wake up and face the wicked truth that racism is alive and well. Technological media advances and social media obsessions has shared the veiled truth about violence against blacks. Obviously black on black crime national news coverage airs as decoy propaganda to influence and impact society’s view of black Americans-especially black men.  Negative publicity helps entangle the perception of blacks in American society and creates an overrated fear that encourages racist out-casting and policing.

Apartheid, the black code, and Jim Crow weigh as heavy hard-hitting topics yet have been left out of conversation and history lessons in American society.  America’s founding fathers are announced and presented as fair logical thinkers nevertheless the  number of slaves they owned, the number of out of wedlock mulatto children they fathered, and the racial discrimination conspicuously found in founding documents remain an omitted topic and chapter when discussing “American History.” Without taking a fair look at Black America, deciding to judge based of media and societal perception and interpretation, blacks are miserable with poverty, poor education, and overwhelmed with a broken family dynamic that racial groups and anti-black racist codes and conducts intensify the harsh reality of being black in America.
I am everyday thankful that God has the final say in the fate of ALL men. Hatred equates to evil; the devil birthed racism and works overtime to ensure life, longevity, and impact. White Supremacy is an ideology. Theoretic ideas never scientifically proven. This philosophy remains in order for greedy egotistical sketchy white men to hold on to political and financial power. White men fight to keep their dream alive.  The dream that white boys can rule world as superior beings and enslave and rule every other ethnic and cultural groups without opposition equates to irrational thinking.  Slavery took white boys on an ego trip that they have yet to come down from. In order for “the white man” to ride his high horse of superiority violence, murder, hatred, and discrimination essentially choke the rest of society. 
God allows for every man born to be born free despite the conditions and circumstances of life. Race driven confrontation and conflict leads to violence and violence leads to WAR. America does not need a civil race war yet are on the brink. The economical system and labor rest on the back of minorities; a group tired of racial division based of social opinion of acceptance outlined by white America. White America fight and kill viciously for the majority seat and battle truth with lies when writing American history. The first boat was built Before Christ (B.C.) and The New Americas was not a desolate unoccupied land and the history of those who dwelled prior to 13th century has been destroyed. 
Genocide plagues the land
Violence and murder plagues the land
Hate plagues the land
I smell a race war. I smell social revolution. I smell the American dollar depreciating, I hear shareholders selling shares. I see black America boycotting big business. I see black America rising up and destroying racism and all those who encourage it. Black power will fight against white supremacy with black dominance. Black power will fight against hatred and violence toward minorities. Racism in America must die!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The recent deaths of black males who were committing no crimes virtually admitted that blacks in America lives are in danger when dealing with police. Departments in our nation view black communities as slums, projects, and ghettos and everybody living in them are guilty. Law enforcement assumes their role in communities as Batman vs the Green Goblin although police are expected act as  a safety net for even “bad guys,” “trouble makers,”  and “thugs.” Never treating people of the community like vicious animals who have to be tased/shoot/ beaten/ unlawfully arrested. Policing has no place in communities, it only drives a deeper wedge between law enforcement and citizens. Excessive force, misconduct, and verbal abuse are a few ways local police abuse power; however, even the worst criminals deserve to be treated with respect.

Police complain that bad publicity from the media is the reason officers are viewed as a threat. Photos and videos seen by the public are interpreted by the public- a public who has no knowledge of the situation and its entirety.  Although when we shed light on recent events, none of the black men killed by police were “known criminals” in the community. Young or old, being black in America is still seen as a crime; largely due to the negative stereotypes and labels attached to blacks in America. Police arm themselves with little to no knowledge of the communities they serve and use attire and music as an informational guide to pursue blacks, especially males, although they may not have a criminal background nor be a suspect in any ongoing investigations.
Americans acknowledge the daily risk that officers take in efforts to protect and serve. The dangers that law enforcement face are real whereas the distrust in the community is real.The reality of the blacks vs local police is not scripted nor does it come from a comic book. Local police- disregarding race, gender, experience, religion, and upbringing- are the frontline enforcers of local, state, and federal law. Unorganized unsupervised police ride the streets as predators of women and blacks. Departments look to earn bonuses, commissions, citations, raises, promotions, and recognition before insuring the safety of the citizens. Work productivity is measured by numbers; numbers that are obtained because the black community pays the ultimate price- guilty or not.The question becomes, how do we bridge the gap between the police and the community?
Many communities feel that the police are not genuine in their attempts to sustain and maintain order and safety where they live. Departments across the country are guilty of overcharging suspects upon arrest, stealing money and personal property, tampering with evidence, using excessive force although not necessary, exaggerating reports, lying under oath and in reports, obtaining coerced confessions along with a list of other accusations made by citizens. When a community feels at war with local law enforcement, citizens question why are the police needed? Rap music is notorious for informing the public of struggles with authorities- local police and federal government agencies. The music offers detailed accounts of unconventional police interactions which lead to community distrust.

President Obama passed a new law banning local police from usage of:
- high powered weapons and ammunition
- large armored vehicles
- tear gas
- tracked armored vehicles
- bayonets
- grenade launchers
- camouflage uniforms

The new law passed by Obama still will not fix police vs citizens in black communities across the nation.
The law will not protect cities from militias. The law does not require local and state police ethical training monthly/quarterly/yearly. Lastly the law would not be necessary if the government did not overspend on military weaponry then try and make up for the funds by selling the weapons and equipment to local and state police.
African Americans have been policed due to the overwhelming number of free blacks in America after the Emancipation Proclamation. Local Police view blacks as a the threat- a threat breed in the blood of blacks and whites over the course of slavery. The worries that blacks will breed hate toward whites scares white America. While crime and violence in the black community scares white America even more.
White America pays special attention to the obvious lack of black male role models and fathers yet the nation doesn’t want to digest harsh truths.  Slave trading, policing, false imprisonment, and over sentencing have hindered the black man from adequately tending to his family.  

Answering these questions reveal the works and efforts police force.
·  What are the leading crimes in the area/city?
·  Who are the targeted victims?
·  What efforts are in effect to stop crimes from being committed?
·  What sentencing are issued?
· What benefits do the community reap from imprisonment?
·  Do private sectors reap financial gain and who are they?
·  What are the leading paid fines and tickets  
what are the most common arrest areas?

criminal justice system ------>> courts------->> corrections
local police judge shackles
state police public defender isolation
federal gov. paid lawyer violence
prosecutor abuse

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I write about the white man because for hundreds of years "The White Man"- European, Caucasians, red necks, crackers, white devils etc- have and continue to kill, steal, destroy, manipulate, beat, abuse, abandon, pimp, and rape citizens of America.

Racial lines were drawn based on phenotype not genotype. The mixture of ethnicity and the proper genetic labeling would allow for many to cross the lines of segregation. Judging, characterizing, out-casting, and labeling by color allowed some control in reserving the white recessive trait. There is no logical scientific basis for racism; however there is scientific facts backing Punnet Square. White men proclaimed themselves superior, when in truth white men were afraid of genetic mutation of the white race and genetic diversities.

Although findings of "white over Black" remain asinine; society digested racism, prejudice, and segregation. Whites have raged war against non-whites. Stolen riches, inheritance, property, livestock, cultural material & technologies imposed oppression and racial rape and abuse toward the Africans-Americans.

I write about the white man to attack the web of lies surrounding America and the Black race. Lies that make life easier for whites and life harder for Blacks. I write attacking the fundamental teachings and traditions of "America."

Who's idea was the "American Dream?"
Who decided what Americans were taught?
Who encouraged a belief system that devalues the lives of non-whites and promote inequality?
Why is there racism, prejudice, and segregation against Blacks?

I write to reveal truths about history and learn how to correct errors of those who came before us.